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We are thrilled to share our Pregnancy-Safe Water Yoga Classes with you! 
Comprised of Baby-Friendly Core Strengthening, Standing Poses, Wall Work, Breathing Exercises, some Light Cardio Series, and Gentle Floating Sequences: these popular, restorative classes are a wonderful way to start your day, whether you're expecting...or not! 

These Prenatal H2yOga classes are the only pregnancy safe class styles we offer, however these classes are not just for pregnant women. Each Prenatal H2yOga class focuses in on the particular needs of those attending that day. In this nurturing environment, we float in a different way--totally weight free! 

TRY IT IF: you're pregnant or if you have special needs that require attention or if you just want to try something different. This class is recommended for clients recovering from injury, suffering from fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis in the hands, and for those afraid of the water.

Recommended for all stages of pregnancy, however, if you're still getting morning sickness (like, all the time) consider waiting until after that has dissipated to begin our program.

For the safety of you and your baby, if your pregnancy is considered "high risk" but your doctor has cleared you for this workout, send an email to: sue@myh2yoga.com, at least 7 business days prior to attending your first class, detailing your condition and the restrictions your doctor has outlined for you, so we can provide a course of action for your specific needs.

These are our only pregnancy-safe classes. All other H2yOga classes are NOT APPROPRIATE for pregnant women. 

If these class times do not work for you, H2yOga Creator Sue Gisser also teaches privately.
Fill out our contact form, or call: 323-523-5697 for details.

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